How do I block a member from attending my group?

Hosts can choose to block members from attending their groups.

Blocking someone means that:

  • They can't join your groups.

  • They can't message you.

  • If they were a member of your group, they're removed, and they can't rejoin.

Blocked members won't receive notifications. They'll see a message when they try to book or message you, explaining they can't.

When to use block

Deciding when to block someone depends on the situation. As the group’s leader, it's your discretion. 

If a member begins to disrupt the cohesiveness of your group and is not a fit, blocking may be appropriate. If you feel comfortable, we encourage you to send the member a chat letting them know they are not a fit for the group. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, you can block them.

Blocked members appear on your blocked list, found in Your Profile > Blocked members, where you can manage them.

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