How do I block a member from attending my group?

Hosts can choose to block members from attending sessions they host.

Blocking someone means that:

  • They can't book spots in sessions you hosting.

  • They can't message you.

Blocked members won't receive notifications. They'll see a message when they try to book or message you, explaining they can't.

When to use block

Deciding when to block someone depends on the situation. As a session host, it's your discretion. 

If a member begins to disrupt the cohesiveness of your group and is not a fit, blocking may be appropriate. If you feel comfortable, we encourage you to send the member a chat letting them know they are not a fit for the group. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, you can block them.

Blocked members appear on your blocked list, found in Your Profile > Blocked members, where you can manage them.

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