How do I use chat?

*Chats are available after you attend the first group session.

We encourage all members to engage in chats with other members and your facilitator. Chat is only available in the Pace app, not available on desktop or laptop computers.

Chats for individual Pace groups

Group members and their facilitator are connected to a single group chat thread for the entirety of the group’s existence. This group chat is available to the facilitator and members of the group (not the guests who attend a group’s sessions). As people join the group as a group member, they’ll be added to the group chat.

Chats with any people you’ve met in Pace sessions

You can create a chat with a set of people who you’ve attended the same session with. The most common example is a chat that’s created by a facilitator that may include people who attended the same session together - both group members and people who just attended the session as a guest.

Chat with a single person - Direct Messaging (DM)

Members have the opportunity to create DM chats with another person in their Pace network - members or facilitators who have attended the same sessions as well as those who’ve been referred to Pace by the member. To DM someone:

  1. Open your Pace app

  2. Click on the Chat tab

  3. On the top right corner of your screen, tap on the ‘+’ sign

  4. From the available network members, tap on those members you would like to start a conversation with

    1. Members can choose to either create individual or group DMs

  5. Tap on Create (top right corner)
    Members can also leave chats at any time, but we do not support deleting a chat thread, yet (although you can archive the thread). To leave chat:

    1. Open the chat thread you would like to leave

    2. On the top right corner, click on the ‘i’ icon

    3. Tap Leave Chat

Chat Guidelines

👋🏻 Say Hey 👋🏿

Chat is a space for you to connect with your fellow group members outside of the sessions. As the weeks go by, use your chat to stay in touch with everyone.

We invite our members to direct message others from their private network to continue the conversation. However, please do not use private messaging to harass other members. This behavior will result in removal from your group and Pace.

👐🏽 Be Kind & Curious 👐🏿

Practice kindness, compassion, and curiosity in chat. Let everyone know if they’ve shared something that moves you or offer supportive feedback.

🤗 Share to Connect 🤗

Feel free to share insights, questions, and moments with your group, as well as resources, posts, podcasts, songs, videos, (or even a funny meme) related to the in-group conversations. Please don’t post any self-promotion, advertising, or spam in the chat.

🔓 Respect Confidentiality 🔓

Please respect the confidentiality and privacy of what others share in chat. This allows us to build a sense of safety and trust with one another.

If a facilitator becomes aware of any information that was shared via chat that requires further evaluation, your facilitator will inform the Pace Care Team in efforts to support a safe chat experience for all groups members. Please note that group chats are not monitored by either your facilitator or the Care Team.

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