What is following?

At Pace you go live with people you’d never meet, to talk about the things you’d never talk about.

Since we launched groups, 100’s of you have met each other for the very first time - total strangers, total honesty. The #1 thing we’ve heard from you: “I really got along with a few of those folks - how do we get back together in group??”

Now we’re introducing Following to keep you connected with the right people on Pace. After each session, you have the option to follow members or facilitators who you feel connected to.

Just hit Follow, and you’ll see the next group sessions that they’re attending This Week. Book a spot and you'll be back in group together. Follow members you really vibe with and facilitators you thought were amazing - and we’ll let you know in the app when they’re attending another group or a core weekly group.

A few notes:

  • If you’d prefer not to be followed by someone, just block them using the Block button on their profile. They’ll no longer see your groups highlighted as ones they’re Following and they won’t be able to start new chats with you.

  • You can also choose to unfollow someone if you do not wish to see what groups they are attending.

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