Host session guide

We appreciate your dedication to the Pace community. This guide will help you handle your responsibilities and provide guidance on how to make the most of the session. And guess what? There's no wrong way to do it—so enjoy connecting with members of the community whom you meet.

Your Role:

  • To make everyone feel welcome—especially people new to Pace.

  • To confidently guide attendees through the different sections (Check in, Hot Seat, Discuss) of the session.

  • Keep it real! Be approachable and relatable—no need to be too formal or professional.

Goals of the 55min Session

  • Togetherness: Let's make everyone feel like they belong and are seen and heard.

  • Shared Humanity: Connect on a deeper level, recognizing our common human experiences despite our differences.

Pace Method (A brief summary is below, but you can read about the Pace Method in depth)

  1. Check In (Prompt: “Share something real+honest”)

    1. A member will be selected at random to share first.

    2. If, by the 10-minute mark, only 1 member has joined, you have the option to gracefully conclude the session, expressing your hopes for more participants to join next time, or continue running it with only one member if you both would like to stay.

  2. Hot Seat (1 person, everyone else asks questions)

    1. After Check In, everyone will have the opportunity to invite someone into the Hot Seat. Encourage everyone to invite someone.

    2. Once the person is selected, remind everyone: “One member is in the Hot Seat and the rest of us ask questions (not giving advice or sharing our experiences yet)”.

    3. You start with the first question. Others ask spontaneously.

  3. Discuss (remaining time, spontaneous sharing, no turn-taking)

    1. Start with: “How did you relate to what [Hot Seat Member] shared?”

    2. If there’s a lull: “Now, who can relate to what we heard during Check in?”

    3. If there’s a lull: “Who else would you like to hear from today?”

Behavior Norms

Technical Considerations

  • Use a computer or laptop (not a phone or tablet) to have access to host controls, like muting or removing someone from session. You can join a session from phone if you are comfortable forgoing these controls.

  • Use the Google Chrome browser (Not Safari or Firefox or Edge) during your sessions.

  • Make sure you have a google speed test of at least 30 Mbps (download) and 3 Mbps (upload).

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