How do I leave a group?

📢 Leaving a Group at Pace

If you ever find yourself wanting to remove yourself as a member of a group, we've got you covered. Here's how to do so:

💬 Saying Goodbye to a Group

Tapping the "Leave Group" button will immediately remove you as a member of any group, and its corresponding group chat. If you want to send a farewell message to your fellow group members, don't forget to do so before leaving.

🚫 Important Notes

If you leave a Members Only group, you’ll have to reapply in the future to get back in. If you leave an Open to Guests group, you can continue to attend as a guest until the group closes into a Members Only group.

👋 How to Leave a Group

  1. Log in to the Pace app.

  2. Head over to the "Your Groups" section within the "This Week" tab.

  3. Find the group you'd like to leave.

  4. Scroll down and tap "Leave Group."

  5. Confirm your decision by pressing "Yes, I’m Leaving."

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