Rules of Pace

The Rules of Pace are guidelines that shape how we interact in our groups, ultimately leading to emotional connections and a strong sense of group togetherness.

Any reported violation leads to a flag, including absences. 3 flags within a 6 month period will lead to termination of your Pace membership. See here for how to report a violation.

1) Show Up

The first step is being there. Show up on-time weekly - for yourself and your group members.

a) Show up on time to session

b) If you can't attend, cancel your spot at least 1 hour in advance - no ghosting

c) Be present and engaged

  • No multitasking

  • Find a quiet, solo spot

  • No substance use just before or during session

d) Keep your camera on

2) Armor off

You’ll see ‘Real+Honest’ (verbalized as ‘real and honest’) a lot. It’s about openly sharing your true feelings, talking about what really matters to you, being your unfiltered self, and responding to others in the group in a genuine way. While doing this, care for yourself responsibly, sharing in a way that is a small stretch, not “pulling a muscle.”

a) Avoid solely advice-giving

b) Be open and willing to share

3) Group is a team sport

The best teammates are curious about others, share the mic and ask each other questions. We may not always agree with each other, but we encourage you to listen deeply and assume positive intent.

a) Share the mic - no monopolizing group time

b) Be respectful even as differences may arise

c) Keep all group sharing confidential

d) No soliciting other members

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