Self-Injury & Harmful Behavior

Pace cares deeply about the well-being of all our members, and our team works tirelessly to provide the best (and most appropriate) support in our scope. 

We all can, at different times in our lives, struggle with significant challenges and emotions. At Pace we provide a place for authentic social connection, but we are not therapy. We share that out of respect to those who provide therapy and out of care for our members; we never want to misrepresent ourselves. Our team created these policies after careful consultation with various experts. Together we want to ensure we are supporting our members as much as we can, whether that’s at Pace or through other services, as well as maintaining a safe environment on the Pace platform. 

With the safety and well-being of our members in mind, Pace does not promote or allow content or discussions on self-harming behaviors or suicide in our group sessions or chats. If or when it is brought to our attention we do our best to connect members with resources that can provide support in difficult times.

For Members:

What should I do if someone talks about committing suicide or hurting themselves? 

If you know a Pace member who is thinking about physically harming themselves, please let them know they can call or text 988 (Suicide and Crisis hotline). 

You can also share this information with the Pace team ( and our team will provide them with resources and connect them to other services as best we can. 

What can I expect if I share about suicide or self-harming behaviors in session? 

As stated in our Community Guidelines, we do not promote or allow these discussions on Pace. Our hosts are community members themselves, and are not trained to support others in crisis. We want to make sure that you can be supported by a professional provider! 

If this occurs in session or in a chat, the member hosts will kindly remind you of Pace’s policy.

For Hosts:

If a member initiates conversation about self-harming behaviors or suicide, member hosts will: 

  1. Remind them that discussion of self-harming behaviors and suicide are not appropriate in this setting

  2. If they are referring to a past event. redirect them to how that past event (without having the member share more details) has impacted their present state (e.g., What have you learned? How does that make you stronger today?)

  3. After session, send these resources via chat, and email us at

    1. 988 (Suicide and Crisis hotline) for immediate support & help

    2. Pace’s general mental health resources (

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