Community Guidelines

At Pace, we are committed to creating a safe and vibrant community. Our Community Guidelines are designed to ensure a positive environment for our members. We rely on our members and hosts to report any instances where these Guidelines are violated, and we take violations seriously. Violations of our Community Guidelines are considered 3 immediate Rules of Pace flags and may lead to membership suspension or removal from Pace. We encourage members to email us at if you feel a member has violated a guideline.

Behaviors we do not allow:

1. Violent Threats

We do not allow any form of violent threats, which include expressing an intention to inflict violence or serious harm on a specific person or group. This includes phrases like "I will," "I'm going to," or "I plan to." Violations in chat or during a session regarding threats of harm, such as threatening to kill, sexually assault, or seriously harm another member, will not be tolerated. Additionally, offering a reward or soliciting harm from other members is strictly prohibited.

Non-violation of this policy: We understand the use of strong language between members to convey hyperbolic messages. As long as there is no violent or abusive intent, expressions like "I'd kill because I'm so happy to see you again" are allowed. Although indirect or vague threats and wishing or hoping for someone’s physical harm are not enforced under this specific policy, these may be reviewed by other policies that are enforced in tandem, including hateful conduct and harassment & criticism.

2. Harassment and Criticism

We encourage diverse viewpoints and personal growth within our community, and want our members to feel safe expressing their unique points of view. However, when these viewpoints turn into directed harassment and criticism, it impacts Pace’s special experience of unlocking emotional connection together.

What's considered harassment and criticism: Some chat messages or in-session comments may appear abusive when taken out of context. These situations can be subjective and challenging to review. To ensure a fair assessment, our team may need to hear directly from the person targeted, allowing us to gather information before making decisions. The team will review any instances or reports of abusive conduct towards another member.

Inciting Harmful Behavior: We strictly prohibit inciting behavior targeting protected individuals or groups, such as inciting fear, misinformation, or discrimination against members of a protected group, whether in chat or during a session.

Wishing, Hoping, and Calling for Serious Harm: Expressing desires for death, serious bodily harm, or disease on a member or group is prohibited at Pace, whether in chat or during a session.

Unwanted Sexual Advances: Any form of unwanted sexual advances, and any content that sexually objectifies a member or a group of people is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, an unwanted sexual conversation regarding a member(s), overall sexualization of members, solicitation of sexual acts, sending adult media via chat, including images, videos, and any other type of media that sexualizes other members.

Insults & Profanity: While we understand that words can be interpreted differently depending on the context, we prohibit the use of slurs, insults, and profanities when the primary intent is to harass or intimidate other members.

3. Hateful Conduct

Our mission is to unlock emotional connection together. Hateful behavior hinders the member and group experience.

What's considered hateful content:

Hateful Images & Display Names: Pace upholds a standard against profile pictures and display names that promote hate. This encompasses images or names associated with hate groups, images that dehumanize others, or images altered to include hate symbols (e.g., swastikas). Sending unsolicited hateful images via direct messaging is also strictly forbidden.

References to Violent Events: We do not tolerate content that targets members or groups with references to violent events in which a protected group was the victim or primary target, with the intent to harass.

Encouraging or Inciting Violence: At Pace, we forbid behavior or content that encourages violence against members or groups in protected categories. This includes content that perpetuates dangerous stereotypes and promotes harassment, both within and outside the Pace platform.

Use of Non-Consensual Slurs and Dehumanizing Content: The use of slurs or content intended to dehumanize members belonging to protected categories is strictly prohibited. This includes misgendering or deadnaming transgender members and dehumanizing others based on attributes like religion, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, among others.

4. Sensitive and Graphic Content

We encourage members to use chat to connect and support each other between sessions, but certain content is not permitted.

Violent Media: Sharing images or media that depict violence, death, or serious physical injury in graphic detail, as well as any media that depicts sexual violence, is prohibited.

Adult Content: Any pornographic content or media intended for sexual purposes is not allowed.

Gore: Extremely graphic content related to death, physical harm, or violence is prohibited.

Hateful Content: Sharing symbols, images, or logos intended to target members based on their characteristics is strictly prohibited.

5. Self-Injury and Harmful Behavior

With the safety and well-being of our members in mind, we do not promote or allow content or discussions on self-harming behaviors or suicide in our group sessions or chats.

6. Criminal Behavior and Homicidal Thoughts

We do not allow content or discussions that involve planning or expressing a desire to commit criminal behavior, including active homicidal thoughts or intentions.

7. Child Abuse or Neglect

We do not allow content or discussions that pertain to ongoing instances of child abuse or neglect.

We appreciate your commitment to upholding these Community Guidelines. Thank you for being part of our community, and please reach out to if you have any concerns, questions, or to report any violations of the Community Guidelines.

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